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Broadband for Higher Education

National Broadband Internet for Education and Innovation

A secure, affordable, fast, and improved Internet will provide the possibility of higher education for anyone, anywhere in America. As Congress and the Federal Communications Commission begin their upcoming review of the Telecommunications Act, members of the Broadband for Higher Education group are urging them to:

  • Make high-speed access open to all

  • Create a level playing field for competing technologies

  • Support for state and local networks

  • Increased R&D funding that will enhance the Internet

Tomorrow's Internet Today

The advanced networks operating on college campuses today already showcase potential benefits of improved broadband for all Americans, particularly in the areas of education, health care, and public safety. Spreading these capabilities throughout society will require a visionary telecommunications policy from our nation’s leaders.

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Because the 1996 Telecommunications Act makes no mention of the Internet or other, newer technologies that facilitate educational information exchange and communications, Congress needs to amend existing legislation and enact new measures that will promote the rapid deployment of advanced Internet services and protect the values of openness and innovation that are critical to higher education.


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